In today’s world, PERSONALIZATION is king.  People want to know that they’re special, unique.

Today’s technology savvy society practically screams for you to engage them, everywhere they are whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or any other type of social media.  If you take a look at those sites you’ll notice two things.

1.) Everyone shares everything, personally.  People want to engage with each other on a personal level.
2.) Video or otherwise animated content is king.  The most engaging content are things people can watch.  This is why so many sites out there now are full of videos like or YouTube!

At Nautilus Digital Marketing we help you give your potential customers what they want before they even know they want it, a personalized video experience.  If you aren’t already using video in your marketing, we’d ask “what are you waiting for”?

A Few Facts and Statistics from the Marketing Perspective:

  • Switchmerge reported up to a 1025% increase in click-through rate using Personalized Video
  • Security First Insurance Company reported TWICE the viewing time, GREATER satisfaction, and an open rate that more than doubled the industry standard along with a 44% boost in sales!
  • 77% of Marketers believe real-time personalization is crucial
  • Leads nurtured with personalized content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities
  • 48% of senior marketers say personalized media programs tend to improve response rates, an increase in sales, and stronger brand perceptions.

Facts and Statistics from the Consumer’s Point of View

  • 53% of consumers believe it’s important for retailers to recognize them across all media and technology that they use
  • 48% of consumers say they purchase more when their interests are used to personalize their experiences
  • 86% of consumers say that personalization plays a role when making a purchase decision.